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Kristee & Teresa: Sharing “bundles of love” with their community

Kristee and Teresa

Today we are featuring Kristee and Teresa who started supporting Burrito Project SF about 2 years ago. Kristee is a comedian based in SF and first helped by collecting donations for Burrito Project SF at one of her monthly shows. She told her auntie Teresa about us and they both came and started volunteering! You will usually see Teresa prepping vegetables early at our events while Kristee is quite the burrito aficionado making sure the quality is up to par. Here’s what they had to say about getting involved with us:

First off, what’s your favorite kind of burrito?

Kristee: I never met a burrito I didn’t like. Burritos are my favorite food and I have so many favorites that do very different things for me.

Teresa: I like burritos with no sour cream but everything else is fair game.

How did you first hear about volunteering with us?

T: I found out about Burrito Project SF through Kristee. My first volunteer day we made burritos and delivered them on Haight street and in Golden Gate Park.

K: Because I love burritos anytime anyone hears about burritos in the news they tell me about it. Several friends shared this with me a few years ago and I really love the concept of giving out burritos. They are like little bundles of love.

How long have you been coming to volunteer?

K: I first heard about the Burrito Project in 2016, I have volunteered a few times and had two shows raise money to donate to this amazing work.

T: I think it’s been two years and I’ve missed a few but try to come as often as I can.

What keeps you coming back?

T: I love the volunteer team leaders and the staff at Martin. It’s such a great cause and it makes me feel good that I’m helping others.

K: I really believe in the mission, I think sharing food is a simple loving way to show people they are cared about and it is a really hard time out there and I think everyone could use a burrito

Do you volunteer with any other organizations in the area?

K: I have volunteered whenever I can wherever I can. A show I used to run used to collect donations for local organizations each month, but has since ended. Burrito Project is a real special one though that is very dear to my heart because of the people involved as much as it is for the burritos love they bring.

T: I volunteer at SF Public Library as a FOG reading tutor and Commissioner as well as for the Reading Partner program. I volunteer at my church and in the Japanese American community whenever they need me.

What advice would you give to someone who’s interested in helping their community?

T: Go in with an open mind, kind heart and no agenda. Find something that interests you and that will make volunteering easier.

K: It’s kind of such a hard time out there these days that I really believe literally any kind act towards a person or in the community is helpful. Don’t worry about if the act is big enough or effective enough, just getting involved at all can have a profound impact and ripple outward.

Interested in helping out like Kristee and Teresa?

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