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Birgitte & Alex: The Perfect Mother-Son Volunteer Date Night

Birgitte and Alex
This month we sat down with Birgitte and her son Alex (who just turned 14), who have been volunteering since the fall of 2019. Birgitte and Alex used to live in Potrero Hill and you will usually see them on the burrito assembly line or loading up their car with boxes of burritos to deliver throughout the city. Here’s what they had to say:

First off, what’s your favorite kind of burrito?

Birgitte & Alex: Alex loves a simple black bean and cheese burrito. Birgitte’s favorite is a grilled shrimp and black bean burrito.

How did you first hear about volunteering with us?

B & A: We saw your stickers around town and were intrigued. We were looking for a commitment that was discrete in terms of time and local because we used to live on Potrero Hill.

How long have you been coming to volunteer?

B & A: We started coming in the fall of 2019.

What keeps you coming back?

B & A: It is a great atmosphere on the burrito assembly line. Music is playing and everyone is super friendly and welcoming.

Do you volunteer with any other organizations in the area?

B & A: Yes, the SF-Marin Food Bank and the SPCA sometimes. We like the food bank but prefer Burrito Project SF because it brings you closer to the people you are trying to support. I (Birgitte) also really like that Alex can do the drive deliveries with me and help me map out all the places in the City that are trying to support citizens in transition, the hungry and food insecure. These locations may not really “register” if you aren’t looking for them. The City’s problems are complained about often by many; the few hours we spend volunteering together make us feel like we are pitching in just an iota.

What advice would you give to someone who’s interested in helping their community?

B & A: Do it! It is so much fun; you’ll meet lovely folks and it really takes so little time to make a difference in the community. Handing someone a warm burrito (or a box, as the case may be), and seeing their smile and expression of gratitude is a powerful antidote to living in these cynical political times.